• Eliminate Excessive 401(k) Fees

    As a result of the historical lack of transparency regarding 401(k) fees, many plans are paying 20%-60% higher fees than are necessary for the services actually being received.  

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  • Fiduciary Protection Without "Fine Print"

    Not only do we embrace our fiduciary status and the responsibility to protect you and your employees, but we put it in writing. No Loopholes. No Gimmicks.

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  • We Are Certified Fiduciaries

    Independent verification and ISO-like certification of Fiduciary Firewall Consulting’s qualification to serve as a professional ERISA fiduciary is provided by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX).  

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  • Did You Know?

    You can be held personally liable and financially responsible for fiduciary violations regardless of your knowledge, intent or whether the Plan was actually harmed or not.  

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We Save Companies Time & Money, While Reducing Risk and Improving Performance


Opportunities and Benefits

Building Your Fiduciary Firewall

Transparent and Experienced

Since 2004 we’ve used a transparent process to identify and eliminate hidden and excessive 401(k) fees.

We can help you use a portion of these savings to streamline plan operations, properly outsource fiduciary duties, and improve employees’ retirement.

Outsource Your Fiduciary Duties

When it comes to their company’s retirement plan, most employers have been left “holding the bag” for liability they think they’ve delegated. 

We can help you properly outsource your fiduciary responsibilities so that you don’t have to become the expert.

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Improve Results and Profitability

Lower fees and expenses in combination with a high touch service model can improve participant performance by 3% or more per year.

We can help you unlock the link between retirement security, productivity, and profitability.

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We’re Your Certified Fiduciary

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